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Bekker Wessels

Managing director and Senior Technical consultant Send email

BSc Agric University of Stellenbosch; BSc Agric Honours - University of the Orange Free State; MSc Agric University of Stellenbosch.

After a career of 10 years in the Agro Chemical industry Bekker started Procrop (at that point operated as a Trust) as a private consultancy business specialising in the field of crop protection. Over years Procrop has grown to become a well known brand in the Agricultural community of especially the Western Cape but clients also included mega farming enterprises in other regions of the country like the well known tomato producer ZZ2 in Mooketsi as well as DuToit Agri in the Langkloof. Although well specialised in providing crop protection consulting services to the pome and stone fruit industry, Procrop is also involved in cash crops such as onions, potatoes, tomatoes and several other smaller vegetable commodities. On the research front Bekker is also involved with several research projects together with the University of Stellenbosch as well as smaller farming organisations.

In 2016 Procrop joined forces with the Intelichem group of companies. This decision was taken to ensure long term succession of the business on the one hand and, on the other hand, to capitalise on the synergy opportunities that this business change will bring about for both groups in future.

Stephen Rabe

Non-executive director Send email

Stephen is part of the ProCrop management team with vast industry experience. Stephen has built his career from the bottom of the production ladder after finishing his studies at the University of Stellenbosch, to top management and executive positions that he has filled thus far and currently occupying through his passion for agriculture. He has exposure to the local and international agricultural sector. Stephen is a natural leader and great motivator which has led him to serve on the board of directors of multiple high-profile agricultural entities such as the Fruitways Group, Caledon Valley Nurseries and Hortgro Pome, to name a few. With his experience in management roles and forward-thinking attitude Stephen is a catalyst for growth in ProCrop.

Gideon van Zyl

Technical Consultant Send email

B.Sc. Agric (Viticulture and Plant Pathology) Stellenbosch University, Ph.D. Agric (Plant pathology) Stellenbosch University.

Gideon has been part of ProCrop as a technical consultant since September 2016, advising ProCrop’s client base and other interested parties in matters retaining to plant disease control. Gideon is a Plant pathologist and researcher, with specific focus on application technology theory and implementation, one of the most important factors in optimal disease control. He also has experience in disease prediction modeling. Gideon has multiple authorships and co-authorships on the topic of spray application. Other than consultation, with close ties to the University of Stellenbosch, Gideon also focusses on research and development of novel application technology and techniques, disease control methodology, on all crop types. He also teaches on the topic regularly at a professional level at local and international conferences, grower days and university.

Lionel van Schalkwyk

Technical Consultant Send email

B.Sc. Agric (Horticulture and soil science), Stellenbosch University

Lionel joined Procrop in 2018 as an experienced horticulturalist with more than 28 years of industry experience. His experience ranges from basic farm level management practices to a vast knowledge of all horticultural aspects of the deciduous fruit and table grape industry, locally and internationally. His additional soil science background strengthens his understanding of the nutritional aspects of fruit crops.

Tobie van Rooyen

Technical Consultant Send email

BSc. Agriculture, University of Stellenbosch 1991

Tobie van Rooyen is one of our ProCrop Technical Consultants, holding a BSc. in Agriculture from the University of Stellenbosch.

After completing his studies in 1991, Tobie has been working in the agricultural sector and gained vast experience in the fruit industry over the last 22 years focusing on the production of apples and pears.

Currently he is a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of Hortgro Science as well as other technical committees.

Tobie furthermore achieved the AVCASA certificate in crop protection in May 2018.

Philip Rebel

Junior Technical Consultant Send email

B.Sc. Agric (Agronomy and Plant Pathology) – Stellenbosch University, M.Sc. Agric (Plant Pathology) – Stellenbosch University.

Philip joined the ProCrop team in January 2019 as junior technical consultant following the completion of his M.Sc. Agric at the University of Stellenbosch. His research was focused on spray application technology in modern apple orchards as well as disease control in these orchards. Prior to his M.Sc. studies Philip gained knowledge of field trials and crop protection by spending university holidays working in industry. Philip focusses on novel application technology and other innovation in crop protection with close ties to the University Stellenbosch.

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