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Safe handling of pesticides
Aimed at any person to likely come into contact with agricultural chemical (agro-chemicals) products. In this full day course learners are educated about the:
  • Potential hazards of agro-chemicals
  • How to identify the hazard class of each chemical product
  • Guidelines on the safe handling and storage of agro-chemicals
  • Personal safety equipment and how to use them
  • General guidelines on the environment in which to use agro-chemicals safely
Pest and Disease scouting
Training of personnel who can be employed on commercial fruit and vegetable farms as a pest and disease monitors/scouts. This two day course covers all aspects of crop pest and disease scouting including:
  • Goal of monitoring and related theory
  • Characteristics of a good crop pest and disease scout
  • Day to day duties and responsibilities of a crop pest and disease scout
  • Crop pest and disease scouting methodology
  • Data capture and use of data
  • Identification of common crop pests and diseases
Pesticide application and Crop protection
Various seminars and workshops on the basics and technical aspects of fruit and vegetable pesticide application and crop protection. These courses can be tailored on request to the needs of the audience to target the key area of knowledge that needs to be expanded. The seminars and workshops are presented by the ProCrop team who are qualified in the various fields of crop protection.
  • Experienced professionals in various crops and agricultural fields
  • Practical and scientifically sound recommendations
  • Long-standing relationships with progressive clients
  • Long-standing relationships with research institutions and academic experts
  • Specialist training course provider
  • Provision of research services
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